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Latest Client Reviews

Average client rating: 4.84 / 5.0

Liam T.
Its truly has been a pleasure working with Fluxionsoft. I am very pleased to recommend Vivek Thakur from Fluxionsoft for all/any part of the development process. Vivek Thakur exceeds our expectations on building our administration software while integrating very well with our team and other independent contractors on related projects. With Fluxionsoft's effort and expertise, our joint labor produced a final product that our company takes pride in offering to our customers. I would definitely invite Fluxionsoft back for future projects. Cheers!
James K.

Great job! Completed project ahead of schedule. Expert coding skills, Thanks Vivek Thakur! Would definitely use Fluxionsoft again.

Elijah D.

Fluxionsft is very excellent team, They really understand both technical and business scenarios, I'm very happy to know them and I will work with them in long term relationship.

Jessica M.

I hired developers from Fluxionsoft to set up e-commerce and Google Ads conversion tracking via GTM. After the initial setup was done they suggested to track additional engagement events, i.e. micro conversions in all platforms; Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Facebook Pixel. The implementation of all tags was fast and smooth, and allowed us to better understand the results, and optimise our paid campaigns in the future. I am really satisfied and would recommend Fluxionsoft for any tracking-related projects.

Emily D.

We worked with Fluxionsoft on a very intensive project that lasted a few months. Fluxionsoft has delivered good solutions and demonstrated true commitment to the project.

Liliana H.

Vivek and his team Fluxionsoft helped us build our app within a couple of months. They were very quick to make changes which we appreciated. Will be reaching out to them again for future iterations of the app.

James G.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Vivek & his team Fluxionsoft. Communication was the best I've ever experienced on working remotely and the quality and speed of work were just as impressive. We're excited to have found someone we can continue partnering with on a wide-range of projects!

Richar L.

Fluxionsoft were the ultimate professionals; they completed each task successfully and did what they were asked to do in a timely manner. We would definitely use their services again!.

Kylo B.

Great Work! Best place for Web development projects!

Jean K.

Fluxionsoft delivered good quality work on our Shopify and front-end development projects. They were easy to communicate with and understood my requirements. I will gladly continue to work with them in future.

Manoj S.

We were happy to work together with Fluxionsoft - our Node.js and AngularJS based product was fullty tested before each demo. Fluxionsoft team has great auto and manual testing skills, will be glad to continue working together again!

Ahmed Q.

Great experience, top quality work. Highly Recommended for the development of Real Estate Management Software.

Sofia L.

Fluxionsoft did an excellent job managing a dynamic project still fluctuating in design where individual sprints had to become flexible due to changing requirements and delivery of updated designs.

Chris H.

Working with Fluxionsoft was smooth and an enjoyable experience. I have used them in the past and came back to them for this job. I can definitely recommend them.

David S.

Fluxionsoft is excellent in Saas programming. They catered to my unique needs, understood all of the requirements, and finished the project very quickly. They exceeded my expectations.

Edward L.

FLX team was a pleasure to work with, got the job done quickly and made the coding easy to understand for other developers. Highly recommended.